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Do not go where there path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

PT. Komodo Trekker Indonesia is a Local Legal Tour Organizer based in Labuan Bajo West Flores. Founded by a young local people. Komodo Trekker aims to help other young local people to actively participate in tourism industry which is now growing rapidly.

Komodo Trekker provides travel information and solutions for travelers with a variety of budgets and needs.

With extensive knowledge and experience of Trekking, Hiking, Snorkeling, Boating, as well as Cultural sightseeing, our local-born, family-run professional team specializes in creating the package most appropriate to you.

Whether you are looking for the beauty of Komodo National Park through our Islands hopping tour packages, also you might want to discover the island of Flores through our Flores Discovery Packages or you wish to explore the great cultural heritage of Flores island through our Flores Ethno Tour packages, we can help by removing the hard work and stress of planning your trip.

We cater for all budgets from cost-conscious backpackers to those looking for that little bit of luxury. All our prices are competitive and inclusive so there are never any nasty hidden extras.

We only work with licensed guides and trusted and proven Boat, Transport and Accommodation partners.

Our professional team always works with a smile and a sincere heart. We are proud of ourself on providing you with a 24/7 service to ensure that your next adventure to Komodo and Flores is unforgettable.

Explore the hidden beauty of Flores Island and islands of Komodo National Park with Komodo Trekker team today

Featured Tours

Waerebo Village

Traditional Village Life

Witness traditional life in Flores with a visit to one of the many traditional villages where residents maintain indigenous cultures, living just as their ancestors did centuries ago. The main attraction of these villages is the chance to see and experience distinctive cultures that remain free from influences of modernization.
Megaliticum Village Bena Bajawa

Flores Island Discovery

Our Flores Island Discovery Tour provides the most inclusive tour of Flores Island beginning in the eastern part of Flores in Maumere ending in Labuan Bajo, the western part of Flores. Visit traditional villages, pristine beaches, volcano lakes, terraced rice fields, waterfalls, uninhabited islands, and spectacular scenery.
Komodo Dragon

Komodo National Park

Observe the dragons on Komodo Island and/or Rinca Island. Choose from treks of different duration, visit the people of Komodo Village, and go snorkeling in crystal clear waters. At special request, we can arrange for you to have the rare opportunity of observing the rangers feeding the Komodo dragons.
Boat Pinisi Labuan Bajo


For all you non-divers that want the diving experience we offer snorkeling in crystal clear and calm waters at the various islands of Flores. See the beautiful coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, manta rays, and other unique marine animals that can be easily observed during your snorkeling.

The Most Recommended Tour Packages

We make a package of Komodo Trek Full Day Trek for you who want to explore the islands of Komodo National Park and visit the extraordinary World Heritage (The new 7 wonder of World) You can also see ancient…
Wonderful Islands Hopping Tour is a special Tour Program to give an experience exploring the Tropical islands by wooden motor boat, you will going to see Komodo Dragons, trekking to scenic view point and Snorkeling…
Adventure Komodo Trekking Tour is a special Tour Program for travelers who wish to discover the beaten trek which is not many people take it. Discover more Flora and Fauna within Komodo National Park and its islands…
The Best Komodo Exploration Tour program is an islands hopping tour by motor wooden boat called Phinisi. This is a perfect option for nature lover and wildlife lover to discover the beauty of Komodo National Park and …
Indonesia with diverse cultures and exotic islands. We pack a tour package Waerebo & Komodo Tour is designed for you who love Indonesian Culture and Love of natural wealth and Flora and Fauna are abundant…
Dear the world, herewith we’d be delighted to let you know that Komodo cruise ship shore tours designed for our beloved guest to visit the most recommended tour destination in Komodo National Park which officially …
Our Flores Island Discovery Tour provides the most inclusive tour of Flores Island. This 7-day, 6-night excursion begins in the eastern part of Flores in Maumere and ends in Labuan Bajo, the western part of Flores…

Our Expert Team

Komodo Trekker Tour Guide

Aloysius Suhartim Karya (Louis)

Founder/Travel Expert
Komodo Trekker Team1

Boe Berkelana (Boe)

Tourist Guide & Travel Planner

Josep Fodi (Josep)

Tour guide/Tour Organizer
park ranger in Komodo National Park He is now join Komodo Trekker

Saverinus Dirgo (Rinus)

Trekking & Snorkeling Tour Guide
Team Fano

Stefanus Riwa (Fano) Trekking &

Snorkeling Guide
Komodo Trekker Team3

Yasinta Astuti (Tuty )

Administration Officer
Team Hans

Hansh Fonirin (Hansh)

Trekking/ Snorkeling

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