Terms & Conditons


Please make sure that you read carefully and understand these Terms & Conditions before ordering.


Clients make travel service by phone, whatsapp, fuel, email, fill online reservation for or direct booking. Reservations received when KOMODO TREKKER has confirmed receipt in writing and issued a confirmation invoice. We will not be responsible for the level of discrepancy or information provided by the agency. The client needs to review and verify the booking confirmation letter


All the programs we Serve 20% are non-refundable.
Air travel services require full payment in advance.
Accommodation facilities require 1N rooms to be charged a non-refundable down payment.

The Client will receive invoices from all travel services after all bookings are confirmed by KOMODO TREKKER and a third party who will be responsible as a tour operator. Payment must be made before the due date is registered. Reservation will be automatically canceled if the deposit is not received by TREKKER COMMODO by the due date of the deposit. A deposit payment indicates the client has read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Clients can pay invoices using Paypal Banking international transfers (BNI / independent) through Western Union accounts (USD, Euro, IDR), or TREKKER KOMODO offices. Any fees charged by the bank or any additional fees caused by the currency difference shall be paid by the client. The Client will receive a voucher for all travel services and the due date for the remaining bills mentioned. KOMODO TREKKER must accept the remaining amount of bill 1 month before travel date. For reservations receiving less than 1 month before travel date, the client must complete the full amount of the total travel expenses.


The Client may cancel the booking at any time provided that such cancellation is communicated to TREKKER COMMODITIES. The cancellation fee will be applied as under the policy:

Air travel service, 100% of the total cost or depends on the applicable class rate on the ticket.
15 days or more, loss of advances (20% of total amount).
14 – 05 days, 50% of total travel expenses.
04 days – day trip, 100% of total cost.


Enchantment Komodo Island Adventure is well known for its all-Comfortable Price for your Convenience. Based on this motto, KOMODO TREKKER reserves the right at any time to cancel or alter the facilities, services or rates described on our site and substitute alternative arrangements with comparable monetary value or supplement locally if alternative arrangements can not be made without compensation. To client due to local conditions applicable or other reasons. When there are major changes before departure, clients can choose:

Accepting alternative changes and arrangements with or without compensation to the client or by returning the price difference.
Cancel the tour and get a full refund


Such as weather and sea conditions or force majeure) is beyond our control with or without prior notice. If we cancel before departure, a full refund of the total fee to be paid will be made. The Client will not be entitled to compensation for the loss of the tour. Where ongoing tours are disrupted by circumstances beyond our control, the refund amount should be calculated which is considered a fair proportion of tourism costs.


The client must take the appropriate travel insurance to participate in the organized tour. KOMOODO TREKKER does not provide any insurance. The Client is solely responsible for organizing their insurance at a reasonable cost for medical expenses incurred due to illness or accidents during travel and loss of vacation money through cancellation and reduction of holidays for reasons that can be insured.


All departure and arrival times provided by the airline are approximate only. They may change due to air traffic control restrictions, weather conditions, operational or maintenance requirements. KOMODO TREKKER is not responsible if there is a change of flight schedule. KOMODO TREKKER is not responsible for any losses suffered if the client delays and misses any flight.

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